Groundfind Necklace + Bitter Sweet Story

The story of the groundfind necklace: one day Lauren went to meet Chaps for brunch. She was walking along Power St. She found a pink piece of twisted electrical wire in a creative shape. “that would make a nice piece of jewelry” she thought. So she picked it up and saved it from the street. It just so happened that Chaps was moving back to Canada soon so Lauren thought this piece would make a good going away present for her and told Chaps so at brunch. one month passed.The piece of wire managed to make it onto the lounge room floor and became a play thing for Bowie the cat for some time. Lauren found it one day under the couch, a little clawed, but still with its shape in tact. This time rescuing the wire from the floor and the cat’s jaws, Lauren put it into a box. Lauren bought all the things she needed to create the necklace at a gem of a jewelry supply store called “Koodak” in Melbourne CBD. She was pleased with this progress but instead of making the necklace, all items were placed in the box ‘for making later’. two more months passed. oh shit, it was now two days before Chaps was leaving to Canada and the parts of the necklace were still in the box waiting.and Lauren had no jewelry pliers handy.dammit. “this is what happens when things are left to the last minute” she thought. Lauren learns that lesson.again.or does she?…luckily through a little creativity Lauren manages to put the necklace together (using fingernails and teeth) and luckily Chaps lives with Lauren at this point and it can be measured up there and then! The necklace is made and able to be given as intended! Hooray! Except Lauren doesn’t feel so much like celebrating because the finishing of the necklace also marks Chaps leaving. Bitter Sweet. the end.